994th Poem – “Spun Gold for a Lonely Finger” – Romance – 7/24/2020

You crowded my eyes
As I gave you this ring of gold
To embrace your finger
As though a crown above your head.
You stood above the lingering shores
Where the banks to my rivers broke
And I loosened the waters to my lips,
Where I could taste of my happiness.

Sparkles were for
The dancing love, I adore.

You stood with nothing to demand
From me, in that current destiny.
I bled oceans for thee,
Colored like marble, made for beauty.

You did not reject
The final
Few moments, of whatever pangs
Of loss, I covered.
For I uncovered
All my frailty
To drop my ego,
And finally let go.

I drew yourself into me,
For me,
Through me.
Your design for me
Drawn by God's artisans
Makes fantastic moments
In the past,
To have passed.

I have you
For the road upon a meadow,
In Heaven's garden.

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