Poem – “Tears in an Old Man’s Eyes” – Romance – 8/1/2020

She rippled
Across her whitened skin
To his verse.
She blew
A kiss to his favored direction,
To a mouth that knew not how to smile.
She was his memory,
For a man who knows what is lost

"I am defeated,
Before her,"
Says the old man
With tears in his eyes.
Before the war that came to be called
The truce,
She defeated him,
On a path he was safe within.
In arms as cold as the dirt, she guarded him.

"I was in love,
Before she was taken,"
Says the old man
With tears in his eyes.
Weakened by sorrow,
Captivated by the blue sapphire
Of her radiant gaze,
A memory stays
To haunt him, for the impossible future.

All dreams
Carry him roses
Past the memorials
To his unspoken heart.

All waters
Turn upon the rocks
Laying above his frozen sculptures
To lips, to each of those he can kiss.

"An ocean engulfs me,
Near a shore,
Where she may wrap me
In bleeding bliss."

He cries, once more,
To stay ashore.
To stay afloat,
Never to see her go
From his gray heart.