Poem – “Your Body, Giveth” – Romance – 8/2/2020

Allow me to dig deep
Past the shield you have raised
To keep,
Me, from thee.
Your eyes,
A sentiment, to my disguise.

For I've come to you, as the Devil allowed it.
He waved his hand,
As I came wandering
To your glowing arms
Beneath the sun,
Among all pale hues.

Your face
Gives drunken song
Its new tune.
I leave
Farewells to each letter
I consume, to break my fast.

For I have slept
With dreams that were never remembered.

I have wept
With eyes that cannot see past the fortress.

Raised walls,
Disallowed to fall.
Bleeding Neptune,
Warring Mars,
Racing Saturn.
Drink your might, past your plight,
Young one,
For you've pained yourself, awhile.

I love
A woman whose green
Cannot be seen.
Her growth,
Her truth,
My deceit,
My disbelief.