Poem – “Fallen into Black” – Romance – 8/3/2020

I neither wish
To taste the darkness
Of a stilled moment,
Captured in everlasting blue.
I see you
Beneath the eyes of the night,
Spread about upon your lips
With new words
Of red upon red.

Your blood
Remembers me
In all its flowing beats,
Against the hollowness
Of me.
I neither wish
To remember the movement of darkness
Under the wings of my certain death.
I only wish
To kiss you
Under the rays of the fullest sun.

Blackened me
Upon a day
I sunk into dismay.
Droplets forged the wasteful waters
Of an ocean with no vessels,
Yet the veins still flowed the rivers
Past my eyes
Upon the days when daylight died.

I fell into black,
To next
Fall back
In your heart,
That I may relieve
Suffering's pangs.

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