Excerpt – “A Population for Trust” – Volume One/Chapter One – “A Pandemic that Originates” – 8/4/2020

“Humans have a fixation to multiply themselves, making their power to be believed in terms of numbers. Yet, it is the loss of control upon that power, that objectively proves a human to have none, neither over themselves nor of Nature. For what creates a human, being of Nature or God, or of a father who planted the seed in a woman’s womb, marks the fate of a human to not be suffocated by love. We see of it, that a human infant must be born head-first, or otherwise be strangled by their own umbilical cord. Suffocation is the inevitability of love’s power, when control through the head, through leadership, is not heeded nor attended to. A person’s anarchical petulance becomes most paramount, during a time when love is becoming suffocated under numbers.”

– A Population for Trust

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