Poem – “Conquer Thee” – Romance – 8/16/2020

Build the blocks to where I see
Your heart gravitating to me,
The blood I forge to have me transfer
Love to let your wishes be answered.
Sing your pleading songs of mercy,
That I might end your sorrows down.

Love stoops in its pull,
Lust washes form in its lull.
To sleep, we go, to end the keep
Of arms that reach about to meet
Dagger and sheath,
Dagger and sheath.

Open and wide,
Dreaming of hide
To hunt of deer, the wolf with pack
As I am,
Numbered of lambs,
Wishful of venison to quench my thirst.

Your words do plenty upon my throat,
Your breast, the prey for my rope.
Cast up, your breath meets the stars,
Meets the hands upon the conquered heart.

You wilt as the flower in winter,
As I grace your head, with my hands.
Why not let love wither,
When I may drench your spirit in these lands?
In these sympathies,
Of fields measured by growth?

Your tears are caught,
Your fears are fought,
As your lips are kissed,
While your eyes are missed.