Philosophy – “Why Self-Love is an Oxymoron” – 8/18/2020

“Were the human to be adjusted to their own darkness, they’d indeed begin to love what they see. What they see, being themselves, never illuminated in a reflection. They are the beast who loves themselves, always aching, always famished. They chew upon their own flesh, turn themselves inside-out, and demand to be called ‘beautiful’. Yet, this demand comes as words to bounce off walls. For no one will love this monster.”

– Modern Romanticism

How does a person ever come to love themselves, if not in the most terrible of manners? To become the Narcissist, the beast who only ever admires their own hideous reflection, is indeed the person who learns to love themselves, on their own.

The person who is taught to love themselves, by another, is the same as that aiding person shunning the former away. They are saying the words, “You are too bothersome to help. Do it on your own.”

How does a person ever come to love themselves, on their own, if not to be forced to figure out their life’s meaning, in that loneliness? How often does such a lonely figure attempt or contemplate suicide, because all they yearn for is a helping hand? For it is never the abuse of a person’s mind, though the absence of love, that makes up a person’s worst torment.

No woman is ever tormented by the abuse of domestic violence, so much as they are tortured by the absence of genuine love, in such a heated relationship. A person is always ruined by what is lacking, not by what is present.

If “self-love” pertains to the human encouraged to do something, on their own, it relates to such sheer abandonment, by the world. A guard is raised against the world, in the name of distrust. A guard, a shield, painted with the image of a raised hand, by the color of tears. Darkness. A person has cloaked themselves in darkness. Why? Because, they have accepted themselves to be the lonely little speck whom no one appreciates.

How often does a person help another out, only to be mistreated for that? How often, due to that experience, does a person say about that, “I am through with helping others, and never having anything in return”? How often is such naivety in control of a person’s mind, enough for them to soon believe they can conquer all the terrain in the world, on their own? They will not know how to do that, hence them asking others for advice.

The person who asks another for advice pertaining to “self-love” proves this term as an oxymoron, simply by doing so. How is it ever “self-love” to ask the world on how to engage in such a feat? One is trusting another for their wisdom. Meaning, they are, once more, lowering their guard, applying weakness and vulnerability to themselves, and making themselves known. They are releasing themselves from that darkness, and once more, keeping that void from engulfing them.

For the person who is deciding on how to love themselves, truly on their own, can be no more than the Narcissist who rejects everyone. Anyone who comes into the Narcissist’s own life, will be manipulated and toyed with, in the name of their selfish resolve.