Poem – “Broken into Pebbles” – Romance – 8/18/2020

Hold on,
Keep on
The tightness to a rope
About your bleeding wrists.
The world has drenched you
In unguarded sleep.
You are two eyes too heavy,
Too despondent
To see the crown above your head,
While you toil about in motionless dread.

My wants,
Our cures.
Our bleeding
For what is pure.
A love that knows no hideousness
Of reprieve.
Why would we desire freedom?
Why ever yearn to be unshackled,
From this strain?
We are sleeping lovers, with our hands outheld.

I love you,
Adoring one.
I bless you,
Drink you
Of tears that were never tired
Enough, to not sweep themselves
Off such delicate cheeks.

Your eyes,
The caves I wander.
Your heart,
The home I call shelter.
To your eyes,
To your heart,
I find the overcoming bliss
In sight of your kiss.
I will possess you
In aching arms.

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