Quote – “As Abstraction is the Relived Disorder” – 8/18/2020

“It is that the art, in the manner of abstraction, must be the disorder relived of, and through, the artist’s mind. If an artist creates, then they replicate what is upon their mind. If what their mind faces, is disorder, then the canvas will be torn apart with the colors. What has been ‘created’, has instead, been discreated. It has been caused. Such an artist will not ever respect the art, when the further damage will be the ‘further artistic implement’. Entropy is the breaking down of the substance, over time. If the artist causes their work’s decay, they are a destroyer. If decay is the mark of the abstraction, then a viewer’s admiration comes off to it as question. For when the abstract artist is enlivened by their viewer’s perplexity, it is merely the reminder, the reliving, of the faults that exist in that artist’s mind.”

– Modern Romanticism