Poem – “To the Taste of God’s Mouth” – Romance – 8/18/2020

To that which freezes all divine breath,
Of the sepulcher standing with flesh,
She loves all that comes to arms
Made of winter’s hanging boughs.
She carves into herself
The burns, the churns, of a wilted shrub.
Of a heart that seeds itself
Upon the ground’s pithy,
Of whispers come forcefully.

She is kissed
By love,
By something above
Her breathing nostrils.
While she looks up,
The world beneath her drowns.
While she looks up,
The heart in her arms, goes down.
Like love of grace, in her face where a man says,
“You are becoming of light,
The woman with tears to share
With the rays of the moon,
In the shortest of nights.”

Green weather,
Buried summers
Under the white of bluest winters.
There is a sun that shows no sign,
No beaten path for its rays,
No certitude of its extended face.
Though, to the mouth that smiles,
Of God’s own,
There is fewest growing life,
There is beauty transcending time.

There is a tether attached
To this woman’s bosom.
There is a mouth upon a nipple,
There is an infant without youth.
There is suffering in its birth,
There is sadness in its dirge.

There is a kiss,
There is bliss,
There is a song,
Whispering all along.