Poem – “Speaking Through my Tears” – Romance – 8/23/2020

How could I
Live up to where she sees me low?
How could I sunder myself
When my voice releases thunder?

I break,
But I do not fall.
I stare onward
Towards the beast’s bloody call.

I falter
On the wind,
Making my sails tattered,
Scorning my face,

In the painted mirror.
The terrible reflection
Of one merciless sea.

There Neptune’s laughter
Of my sympathetic drowning.
There is Bacchus’s reprieve
Of my hands, wet with red.

I scream,
Though how can I be seen?
I am damned
As a forgetful man,
Who dreamed
Of only a Hell rife with fury.

In her arms,
I plead
That gravity will not take us lower.

I anchor my remorse,
I steer myself
To the next course.

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