Poem – “All Cradled Moments” – Romance – 8/24/2020

Call on me,
Fragile one.
Your imminent comfort
Resides in this home.
Have you been lost on the road, long?
Have you been in discomfort, and wronged?
Who has tortured you?
Who has made you cry?

You are the fugitive without the mask,
You are the angel, blinded to sunlight.
I wish to lift your dearest tear
That has fallen from one waking eye.
I wish to drink what you are murmuring.
I wish to sing of your loss.

There is hope,
There is hope
To lift your limbs from where they hang.

There is time,
There is time
To hold onto those notes we sang.

Beneath trees that burn,
Letting phosphorous up our nostrils.
Under the skies that mourn,
While branches in the sleeping forest
They do not whisper.
They only scream in their nightmares.

Let us kiss,
Let us drown
A stone through the vast waters.
Let us bleed
A radiance about our necks,
Where lips are landed.

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