Poem – “How Long do I Hope for?” – Romance – 8/24/2020

How long will the stagnant winds run through
My rotten sails?
I have once become eclipsed of eternity,
Only to set myself at sea
In your swollen embrace,
Full of tides to escape into,
Full of tears, certain to be wept.
My eyes run with Heaven,
And yours,
With Hell.

Walk along
The shore,
Will you?
Envy the siren,
Drink of her venom,
Her toxic claws.
Breathe of her wings
The stench of death.
Your world is my mission,
My ever-lasting empire.

Emptiness guards me,
Stains my heart.
Fear grips me,
Opens my soul.
Let me down
To see myself,
My feet are soaked in blood,
My hair is caught in feathers,
My dreams wilt,
Blanket themselves.

Your eyes fold scenery,
Your dreams were mine
In this escape into punishment.
How could fate lift us,
When it had brought us down?