Poem – “Unstable, without You” – Romance – 8/25/2020

Call to the stares
Upon the flooding roads.
Let the small become the large
By the wake of your gaze.
I will kiss the nose that breathes summer,
Disposes of petals
For the sunlight we both crave,
To grow us,
To send us.

We are lovers of twin moons
For the dimmest planet.
I am not the volcano that can do much
Other than rumble, on its own.
In your arms,
I am stable.
By your gaze,
By your love,
I am leveled.

Streams of red are flowing from my eyes,
While the clearest rivers run from my fingertips.
Dream the waves,
Fold your arms around the landscape.
Throw your form
About the shivering winter
To warm it.

Love leaks
Upon walls so hollow.
Rain peels the paper
Of our joyful tears.
Our heat
Is a dream to fulfill the purpose
Of a life that throws the heart forward.

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