Heaven’s songs
Move the eclipse
From your throat
That you might belt the solo through,
That you might weave your fingers to undo
Strands about your slender waist.
We are
A gap too close,
Walking in circles,
As our eyes
Are a future too distant.

Love dries lakes,
Leaves fish to rot
While we would have drowned,
Instead of walked.
Bleed a new river,
My love.
Lift your arms to meet the sun
Of my arms about you,
As my warmth goes to your cheeks
With each repeated kiss,
Momentary for the bliss.

We are the ocean, entangled,
As dreams are carved from our bodies,
As the sun is scarred upon the dark
Of the whole of our dwelling,
In the treasured moments
We may kiss each other close.

Love waits
On the edges of cliffs,
Life, for love,
And love, for life.
In my arms, you are soothed.

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