Poem – “I’ll Hold On” – Romance – 8/28/2020

My love,
How could I depart
From the wind that sets my sails
To glide?
How could I withdraw
From the openness to a moving sea
That guides me to your light
In this storm?
How would I not
See your eyes among the mist?
I will drown in your fathomable kiss,
Drinking the greatest moments
Ever to relate to the fashion of bliss.

My eyes
Open to waters
Alight from your spread gleam
Of a lighthouse so far,
So close.
These waters stretch,
While I hold out my hands
To allow you in.
My love,
Dream of places that never fade,
Dream of waters where we can wade
Through, like dreamers with a torch
Able to ignite the darkness.

Grab on,
Hold on
To moments in these curves
That motion to the other end of a page.
You guide me,
As I guide you.
A light never quits its gleam,
As the wind never quits its sigh,
For you possess purpose,
As do I.

Through the storm,
I follow.
In my distress,
I had wallowed.
Right now,
I sail in the curves of you.
For you are the ocean,
As you are the lighthouse,
Guiding me,
As I guide you.

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