Poem Collection – 5/10 – On “AS THE WORLD SHEDS ITS SKIN” – “The Sculptor of Imagination” – Romance Poetry

The world hurts,
Breaks itself
Over bones to saw the teeth.
Sharpness grinds with dullness
Of edges against the rising earth.
I leave off with
A note that said I cried.
I bled dust from my skin,
As air crawled from my veins.

She has two notes for the heaviness
Of hope.
I want to tear those apart
Who broke our stream
Of tears to heal the pain.
They built a dam
Out of the sculptor’s imagination.
I seethe, while I breathe,
I seal my heart, as I kneel to the start.

One marriage,
One arrangement of bliss.
One kiss
To the openness of a world without
Its emerging gulf.

The tide starts
On a newer stream,
A greater gleam
Of her feet upon the base
Of a sculptor’s imagination.