Poem – “How Death Clung!” – Romance – 8/30/2020

Alone, I was,
Without her touch,
Without her texture,
In the embrace of death.
As Autumn leaves hung,
Death had clung
To my eyes,
That remained surprised
I had been alive,
As I had survived.

In my tears,
I remembered
Her, standing there,
With a drawn complexion
Surrounded by shades, by curtains,
By the stains of a few more
Death was all around,
She sought to give a kiss
That I might be put in her bliss.

A gift that would lift
The pale of death
To the stability of my breath.

I flooded her mind
With doubt.
I drew scenery about.

Most live one,
Remind yourself
I am the curtain
Before your eyes,
That I might give you shelter,
Offer you warmth.
I am the sacrifice in the night,
As I accept
You will be the one to live.

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