Poem – “Unstoppable Rule” – Romance – 8/30/2020

How can thee see
Up to me
Without forgoing
Memorable scenery?
You haunt the daylight out
Of proportion,
Against the wall,
Within the beat of your heart’s call.

Count the stars,
Collect them in unison
Within your silvery arms.
You’ll count the streams
Running from your closed eyes
In heartbreak.
I am the final punishment
To your world’s closure.

Soldiers plead to God of the scars
Left as countless, upon the Earth.
I soar,
Once the stains are kept
On the remaining birth
Of twilight.

A moon reveals your kiss
White upon the black of depression.
I heavy myself
In my own tears.
Burning sun drowns in the moon,
As the moon raises to leave the light.