Poem – “The Woman who Paints me Red” – Romance – 9/3/2020

Wake the leaves
From their sleep.
Blow silent kisses
Through the Autumn rain.
Wilt your eyes,
With the tears
That come crashing
To my waiting hands.

Can you walk
Without stopping
On the road next to debris,
On the road next to where you left
Lonely scenery?

Your beauty,
Your startled hands
Push trust from your side.
You run,
When you envelop me.

Falling tresses,
Lonely eyes,
Tortured mind,
Of my only despairing kind.
I want to take the reigns of your heart.

Oh, newest moon,
Oh, oldest love,
Oh, shining sun,
Oh, dimming evening.
There is she, who does not wait,
In her state.
She believes
In the wells of grief.