Poem – “A Woman’s Eyes” – Romance – 9/4/2020

With all your gleaming spirit.
The ripeness of a flower’s petals.
Your irises speak to the orchids,
As your pupils whisper to the sun.
No blindness,
Just color,
As would be of your soul.

I am enamored,
By the remaining droplets of joy
That hum down your cheeks,
As you fall to my arms,
Catching the many pleas,
Within the fewest seas
That set a calm tide beneath a fervent storm,
Washing your face, with the salt.

Call your roses
To your arms,
To hold your aching bosom
To God, above,
As He cries downward
To see your love.
Your eyes are the setting sun,
The lowering birch
Of limbs that are tangled and bare.

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