Poem – “As I Kiss your Worn Heart” – Romance – 9/4/2020

The one who claimed,
The one who named
A special curtain to be placed
Upon the dark of the past,
Sees grains,
Sees stains
Still upon the woes of a woman’s heart,
Still hearing the echoes
That loosen themselves from a slender tongue,
Repeating of sadness,
Releasing of madness.

You’ve held
For one quarter of a century
Upon the roses,
As your eyes merely saw the red of thorns,
Never that of the petals
Meant to swarm your faraway mind.
Your beauty
Shows signs
Of repeated tragedy.

I long for days
Without testimony,
With mere matrimony,
Without the judgement of a religion
That places rules in the way of boundless love.
I wish for the windmill to cease
Rotation in the gestures of agitation.
Winds that catch sparks
Should not power tomorrow.

Love holds a red hand
Covered by the blood of boiled defeat,
As she is raised to the height of Heaven,
The height of love.

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