Poem – “A Kiss to Reach your Ear” – Romance – 9/4/2020

Startled presence,
Do not be alarmed.
Be in comfort
When I hold your head back on my arm.
Your tears
Fall to be consumed
By an outspread tongue.
I need to know
Your light is greater than my own.

Can you believe
In dreams,
Once more?

I live for the reckoning
Of a preserved moment.
No more loss, to drench our souls.

Let love
Cross skies, sent forward in gray clouds.
Loosened droplets
Are our feathers for pillows,
Is the comfort for many years
Dreamed in bliss,
Listened to, for the kiss.
You are beautiful, when you can be nearby.

The shadows cross rooms,
The wind holds candles
Staying erect to pierce the shadows.
I taste the breezes,
The light,
To make for the days of love,
Something to carry through to the ends
Of rope.

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