Poem – “The Old Man with a Beaten Heart” – Romance – 9/5/2020

Just a hand
Let loose from the palm,
Kissed to many a rain
That had fallen from eyes meant to see stars.
He watched her fade,
Staring with a wandering soul,
Wondering eyes
So rounded by rings
To a beauty that remained eternally young.

A world within himself,
Beneath waves that carry canes.

He shall be
More crippled without her near,
Still holding the blue upright,
Still holding the red to stain his heart.

A kiss
For a frozen palm
Releases ink
For a eulogy written in dust,
Where candle flame is forgotten,
Where idleness is taken,
Where a sunset watches a tide froth itself
In a wind born from grieving sighs,
By a heart beaten from that single goodbye.