Poem – “The Road most Wept” – Romance – 9/6/2020

Can you lose the light
Before I go on
With the womb I shelter myself in,
With the hollowness I place my voice?
Your tears stream a river for my defeat,
Down beneath the crevices,
Further down to the undertowing
Nature of these footsteps.

I blow dark kisses
Through the ignited blue,
I want to seek guidance
From something brand new.
I shelter myself
In a void,
Forgotten by my life
With its warbling heartbeat.

Will you lose the light
To make me recede
Like the glacier losing its path,
Like the coldness falling back to a mother’s warmth?
I am the glade that never quits sighing
Between the branches above,
The reeds around,
The grass beneath my heavy toes.

Your tears
Run the earth off the slope.
Your face
Is the lighthouse amidst this storm,
As I rock on the ocean’s floor,
As I run through a wilderness
Of my loneliness,
To my tomb.

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