Poem – “A Gift Given Forward” – Romance – 9/7/2020

Bleed desire
Around principle,
Stain the wedding
With your gleam.
Shoulder the seam of your dress
With your sparkle.

You have never become feebler,
Beautiful sort.
Your kiss mixes with the wind,
Finds gaps in the gales,
Discovers tension in the hail,
Where a storm is there for you to lift
Back to the clouds,
Back to its origin.

I give this gift forward
Of gentle possession.
The man who stands
With irises blanketed by woe,
Has made a dame into a rose.
He has solidified your departure
To arms, grown in the snow,
To a wilderness, born upon thorns.

I love thee
Without much tyranny.
I hold reign
Above the trees
Where the rain
Liquefies your solace in the moon.