Poem – “A Dying, Lonely Summer” – Romance – 9/7/2020

Drip your remnants
Into my mouth.
Fold your spirit
About the streams in the hurricane.
We have lost enough in our lives
To relive the old.
We have spilled enough chaos in our arrangement
Of a few messages in a bottle.

You beautiful
Creature of a simple craving
Of mine.
You are victim to no one,
Except for your own example.

From my mouth
To the sand,
Eclipses are welcome
To the summer’s demise,
To a tortured sunrise.

Love loses lakes
To oceans,
Combined with forgotten woes.
A spillage of oil where was meant
To be tears.
For I am in love
With the stone that drops
From a flood of clouds.

It is the ice,
The hail from the hurricane
That washes with the worn erosion,
Sweeping from the miles of your tension.

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