Poem – “His Eyes were Rotted from Light” – Religion – 9/9/2020

How much earth
Is needed to suppress the light?
The corpse, still aware
Until resurrection makes it declare
That the fog could be brighter,
That the dark could be whiter
With the bleeding shell of mercy.

He says to the road, ahead,
Among its inhabitants,
“We are stoned, as one.”
He breathes a moment
That lasts,
After his rising.

The destruction
Of construction
Loses always the dimension
For a world
To see only the surface.
His face shoulders the tears of new moons.

Old sons,
New daughters.
Old oceans,
Gray waters.
He never lost sight
Of a trembling mother in her woe.

How much birth
Is needed to suppress the darkness
Back into light?
A rotting skeleton,
A constructed corpse,
A rotting man whose eyes were reborn,
A funeral that lasts until the bride arrives.

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