Poem – “Never for Nothing” – Romance – 9/9/2020

Hold on, dear,
To the waters,
To the density
Of your eyes in the universe.
Stars leak from your void,
For you have lost much,
As stars wander from your gaze,
For you believe you are drowning.

Hold on, my love,
The rain is never-ending,
As we must hold on.

Believe in this,
My hands tremble,
Though they hold, tightly.

Believe I can do it,
As my tears are never-ending.
Catch the droplets,
They will not ever slide off
Your slender fingers.
For you are a fog in a wilderness
Without trees.
You are merely the voice that wails,
Hums so loudly.
You are the beauty that lays down,
Crying into the earth.

I want to kiss your lips,
Cry with you.

Nothing is for nothing,
As we are for the everything
We hold,
As merely the guiding wind.

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