Poem – “Cold and Starless” – Romance – 9/10/2020

She stood there,
With cold, wet hair,
Like none other than another winter
Gone fiercely.
Through the moon’s many faces,
Blankness remains
To remind me
Of a few captured moments
Hovering beneath time,
Drifting between space.

She stands there
To sharpest melodies
Of her groans
In sheerest grief.
Just a daffodil
In a simmering summer’s night,
Though never received the warmth
Of an aching sun.

She was dried against
Her own petals,
Using tears for the mercy of what
Cannot lift her bent stem,
As she falls into her hands
She cannot, but break herself.
She cannot,
But resent herself.

I’d love to know,
As I’d love to wear
The scars that run so asymmetrical
To the counted breezes
Against my skin.

I’d love to show,
As I’d love to wear
Those stars upon the sunless nights,
Where was only but a pain,
Remembered too frequently.

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