Poem – “I am Here to Love” – Romance – 9/10/2020

I am not about to stare
For too long.
Your long hair
Hang like the dropping tears
I have sworn were the place of my bathing.
Your face
Is the stolen aspect of an angel
Descended to my arms.
Did God erase you,
That He might see you for me?

I hold a kingdom
To your rose,
A dream that ignites the rest
Of the future’s caress.
Your eyes
Are the two jewels, as one,
Making the sunrise.

I aim to remain
Loving you,
Under bountiful stars
I could collect
For the bouquet,
For the decor
Above where ceilings fall.

We do not lose
When this close.
We do not close
When blood flows.

I remain loving
You, to the departed sun,
As beauty remains rising
Coloring fields, where we run.