Poem – “A Place to Wrap the Gold” – Romance – 9/11/2020

About slenderness
To a finger marred by aches.
She shies
Just a second away from my lips.
A stain matches her glance
Upon my cheek.
One tear
Falls as the descending bird,
With no wings for flight.
All I want
Is to fall in her clasp.

Just a moment away
From when the priest says
It is time to kiss.
Just a moment,
Until I can kill away this pain,
For good.

About slenderness
To a finger trembling in my own
The time approaches
When my hand can stroke the even tresses,
The creases in her dress,
Stare through the eyes
That know
Never again to pity,
To wail,
In the hail of fallen debris.

The time arrives,
As the moment survives.

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