Poem – “Unspoiled Kiss” – Romance – 9/14/2020

Harvest it
From wet lips,
Sunken deep
In the ever-grey tempest.
You are disguised by distrust,
Yet, I can tell you do this to allure.

Just a romantic element
To describe this infatuation
For a heavenly pair
Of glistening red
Brought close,
By your radiant stare.

Undress yourself,
Nestle yourself
In the iris-covered quilts
That I might sink
Into your silk.

You are beautiful
When you step back,
Against the wall
With watchful gaze.
I want to bury myself.

Let this night take forever,
Until the rays of an Autumn sun
Glance on us, from above,
Letting orange mix with red,
Letting blue mix with the dead.

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