Quote – “The Differences of Criticism” – 9/19/2020

“As hatred cannot be offered by use of words, then it falls to criticism to undertake speech made through use of intellect or idiocy. For when the former takes place, being of intellect, then it is the debate that stages the ground. When it is the latter taking place, being that of idiocy, there is no intellect, and there is merely the insult being hurled.”

– Modern Romanticism

6 thoughts on “Quote – “The Differences of Criticism” – 9/19/2020”

    1. I can’t understand why such a thing called “hate speech” is even in existence, as a term. Are people going to not only be silenced, for their speech, though also perhaps muzzled like dogs, or even convicted of a crime of talking? Sounds too Orwellian, for anyone to accept such a thing. If people cannot have diversity of opinion, then diversity, itself, cannot exist. Each diversity in the world was born out of a thought, an idea, carried through as speech. From a thought or an idea, to become speech. Next, the action takes place that would form the thought or idea into physical shape.

      If we target speech, then we are soon to target the origin behind all diversity. Thoughts. In fact, that is already occurring. Thought control is devised by certain movements, though these same groups somehow support “diversity”, in whatever form they believe it takes.

      Do they believe that “diversity” has its meaning in what already exists? As in, of people to different races, or some such. Then, to the diversity on gender, there can only be division of things that already exist. “Gender diversity” is merely the fragmentation of male and female, and nothing more. One cannot tell who is more confused, whether of those who agree or disagree with the “gender diversity” concept.

      “Diversity in what already exists” is a division, on its own. Though, diversity in creation differs from diversity in causation. People need to understand this.

      To bring about diversity by way of creation, is true diversity. To bring about diversity by way of causation, is false diversity.

      We create life, we are artists, through the former. We destroy life, we are torturers, through the latter.


      1. Yes diversity of creation is different than diversity of causation. The latter is about dividing people on different subjects and making them waste their times on things like gender diversity. Confusion is made by governments to rule better over people.

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      2. The sad part is that this isn’t even common knowledge. This is alien knowledge to seemingly so many. Or… perhaps I’m wrong, and the vast majority understand our words, here. They must be called the “silent majority”.

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