Poem – “Unavoidable Eyes” – Romance – 9/19/2020

Glares of rust,
As my hands sift past curtains
Blocking memories from needed
My fault becomes evident,
A quieted belief
Of some Spirit, full of Holiness,
Radiant in wherever Temple was built
To house this guilt
Of sin, immortal,
Of loathing, endless
Of those dripping at the end
Of a stained blade.

My life,
As my wife
Lies crippled in blanketing fears.
Why memories must
Turn fault to the glaring rust,
While I
Face the shades,
To die.
To my empty grace.

Why do I choke on blackness?
Why do I swallow decay?
The strewn pages, torn from some book
I cannot say defined me.

Her eyes,
They burn a magnificence.
Her features,
Now stagnant upon the rocks.

Tomes, and shields,
Merciless, for fields
Of carcasses strewn,
For wounds never sewn.

I am my own blood
For the woman in that bed
Of eaten sheets
By the absurd love,
I could not hold
High above.

Worlds apart,
And the stench of decay duly fits.

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