“A Slender Little Romance” – First 3 Poems – Romantic Poetry – Promo

Poem #1

“Due for the Delicate Kiss”

Due, and overdue
For the delicate kiss, upon a mouth
That gapes with the sighs
Blown free, like seeds off a dandelion
In the month of May.
I hold your neck,
I kiss your flesh,
Velvet and soft, as it shimmers in the sunrise.
I breathe over you
The devotion I have been meaning
To release.
I bleed
Love upon you,
Over you,
And above you,
With kisses brought deep into your heart.
We are entranced
By each other’s stares,
Beneath the sunrise,
Beneath love’s reign,
As I rain sweet petals from my weeping eyes.
I cannot allow
You, to fall,
Away from me,
Far from me.

Poem #2

“A Drawbridge to You”

A whirlwind is ahead, and overhead,
My head, where dancing planets move on
To the great expanse.
All is a lost essence, in this great expanse.
I’ll cast a drawbridge to you.
I’ll lift whatever stones,
Causing you to not be free, from
Whatever causes the stones to rain
From your delicate eyes
Beneath moon and starlight.
They land, such stones
To the lakes at your feet,
Embedded in everlasting softness.
What a wash of hardness, at their bottom.
I am within the tiniest darkness
Of your gentle mind,
And ever gentler heart.
A drawbridge to you,
By my hands, to you.
Love is not much to ask,
As it is not much to give.
Just a slender token
To your peace.
Just a blue droplet
For you, to see yourself, brand new.

Poem #3

“Love’s Wishbone”

What can we make?
Of two faces, identical only in the light
That are in love, like a pair of stars.
Are we ever too distanced
Or apart?
Do we still love?
Did we ever despise who we were
As lovers?
Are we entertaining death
When we dance?
Are we ever seeing an ending
To our romance?
Love’s wishbone, is whiter than any Reaper,
Any skeleton,
That will dance for us, upon our command,
And leap away from us.
Let us hold hands
Through this merriment,
And with a face for a face,
Kisses blue and deep, in the bliss
Of a sensation, upon love’s wishbone,
The white clouds, upon the blue background.

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