Philosophy – “As Art and Progress are Unified” – 9/26/2020

“Pragmatism cannot at all survive, in its purist way with survivalist methods, without an artistry that would uplift the hopes of the pauper, rather than lower them.”

– Modern Romanticism

If one cannot understand it in clearness, both the arts and sciences go hand-in-hand. As in, both creativity and progress are always unified. One cannot simply state that to do away with arts, one is left with progress, or left with pragmatism. For to be one with the survivalist approach, is to the sink oneself in the mere living of it. When one lives in survival, one buries themselves in survival. One does not, as art would do, rise out of it.

To understand what the arts do upon life, it is to inspire truth to be formed of it. We live, so that we may not die. For what would be the point in living, if death was upon our doorstep? The human will to survive often comes into contact with the acceptance of inevitable defeat. That is when we embrace those closest to us. As it is, we will embrace those who were never close to us, whether of familial or through friendship, simply because they are a fellow human. We do not wish to die, alone. We deny the end, as long as possible, because the human need to be loved or to be kept inspired, is as strong as death.

If one holds pragmatism in lone importance, then one is leaning themselves towards the most pragmatic thing to do. And, that is, to end something. What is the ending? It is death. For rather than to prolong a thing, which would pertain to the continued existence of life, death comes along as pragmatic. When we call upon God to aid us during a time of desperation, we wish to be lifted. These words have been written everywhere. Love lifts us. Towards where? Towards infinity. We wish to last for as long as possible, before our end arrives.

We are beautiful, and not anymore beautiful than another, unless we have not been loved. As beautiful beings, we desire acceptance and appreciation for talents, for skills, by way of gratitude. In the name of gratitude, art has its calling. The artist who believes they create for themselves, does not. All viewers to art are seeing what has been made, with grateful eyes. Art is there for gratitude’s sake, and as it would lift life through inspiration, becomes the same as a mother who could be grateful for her child’s birth. Her grateful smile is for the gratitude of this successful creation, born from her womb. Creation of art, is creation of life. More creation of art, is made for the continual existence of life, through the inspiration it evokes.

For it is never pragmatic to prolong a life, as it is never pragmatic to prolong suffering. However, through love upon life, one comprehends that through the struggles, unification of understanding between life and death, is meant to be. People are meant to survive. Though, through love or the arts, people can be uplifted to greater realms.

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