Quote – “The Lowering of Standards, upon the Abandonment of Art” – 9/26/2020

“It is in what we call ‘ugliness’ that pertains to a life, close to death. Neglected. Forgotten. Abandoned. We forsake art, the same way we forsake people. We forsake truth, being the stories of people, the same way we believe a rejection of art, is the embrace of progress. It is not. It is only in such a mindset that we leave people behind, who are not needed.

To reject art, is to inevitably lower the standards that would objectively define art. How art is defined, is by understanding it as a love upon life. It is meant to inspire life, to keep it away from death.

Those who abandon art, to embrace progress, are the ones who embrace death, rather than embrace the people meant to be loved. An ‘art world’ will soon be born, out of ugliness, corruption, and consumption when such objective standards are erased. For they could only have been erased, when art has been erased.”

– Modern Romanticism

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