Poem – “Neglected Fever” – Romance – 9/27/2020

Oh, radiation
Of your head to your arms,
You have become won.
Like leaves that have met the sun,
In autumnal tempests
Of sorry rain to reach the streets,
Of droplets from your face
To cover your hands.
You can twist
Strain from your eyes,
You can merge
Your petals with the gravel
As you lay to writhe.

Just a closure
To a standing truth
That you have formed yourself out of darkness.
I have won
What can become
A searing gleam.
A fever,
To sever
The wind from your lips,
The streams from your stare,
The yearning from your pulsing
Can you stand the sickness?

A light,
One solitary blight,
One feeble moment
Where everything drowns
Under the ton
Of unmerciful waters,
Draining from heated mind,
Swimming from watered shine
Upon your cheeks
Where kisses are laid, deep.
One droplet of blood
Careens down from a slope,
Weathers thoughts in your sleep.

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