Poem – “The Heaven in your Eyes” – Romance – 9/28/2020

The seamlessness
Of one word that could collapse
Me, to these very knees.
One word to love,
One heart to take,
Never anything to break.
I will soothe all concern
Shouldered upon you,
Weathered over you,
One favored kiss.

Your eyes,
Full of Heaven’s rise
In the bliss,
Within the kiss
To a pair of lips,
Among the perfumed neck,
And the graceful swing
Of your embracing arms.
I will hold
Your form, in its shivering,
As nothing escapes,
As nothing forsakes.

In your eyes,
Deep within
A glance that cannot run,
Cannot be undone
Of its scenery
To winded glades,
Timeless vows,
Bent knees
Of where I am
Wanting to hold you
In arms full of gravity,
To then dine on your stare.

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