She sought to set out
Upon the streaming sea,
Of colors glistening,
Along with her hair.
Her eyes
Matched the fewest sunrays
That still stood in appearance
To the eastern skyline.
Golden resplendence,
Showering radiance
Matches an occurrence
To the cracks of a broken heart.

She sought to oar out
A rowboat to the furthest expanse,
Search for her heart,
Find her lost path.
She sought a route out of
Her stagnancy.
Her eyes watched the men
With their paddles and oars,
With their looks to never subside
Of determined fervor.
Of one shattered heart, to her,
There can be this reprieve.

Of face with fan of wind,
She sets out to the naked skyline
To bleed a mile of yearning
Without cause.
A simple proof
To bring the parts,
The strewn tears,
To gather a whole
As one, of a heart made for warmth
Treasured in a basket full with flowers,
To primrose and lilac.

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