Poem – “Dreaming Tomorrow, Escaping Forever” – Romance – 10/2/2020

To sink,
To pledge
The banquet to the taste of your lips,
The whole,
The creation
Of an eternity from these hands
That would not,
Never to
Be called away.
Like love has never found much majesty
In you,
I can kiss,
I can carry
The petals to the orchard
Where you can feel your way,
Loving me,

Living you,
Carving you into my heart.

Like to descend
From cloud to forest,
I will catch
Each falling drop that you ever loosen
From the ebony.

I can bleed this way,
I can feel this way
Where chaos is never nuptial
For two rings of order,
And rightness.

Waltzing past streams,
Where ease can be undressed
To show promise,
To falter sorrows,
Where disarray can be dismayed,
As love can be the arrangement
Of a few centered flowers
Upon your embedded scars.