Poem – “Pass your Eyes away” – Romance – 10/2/2020

Can I sing without crying?
Can I speak without sharing
This pain to the weight of your joys?
I will drive you down
Like wilted flowers, being weathered
By agonized rain.
Tears that never flower
The smallest petals
Upon the ends of largest stems,
For you still stand
Without ever looking beautiful,
Deep in the caress of a fading sun
Of me,
For you.

Breaks open breaths upon the rancid wind,
Where desires are strewn
Like torn clothing.
Your peace,
My ease
To send a fight towards your eyes,
Where eeriness can accompany your well of stupor,
Drinking bliss in with the Heavens.

Sickness carves happiness
Straight from my palms,
For you’ll lick the blood free
That the mosquitoes never consume
But a drop,
For your clear tears.
Hold your head close,
Dear woman of stars,
The earth is shaking
Deep in my chest.

Losing locks
Of cutting memories,
Blossomed by the fruit from your eyes,
Where taste can dispel in haste.

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