Poem – “Falling Eyes” – Romance – 10/2/2020

Like dust from a heater.
I am stilled
To the eyes that never raise,
Though still
Hold the charm
Of a thousand rushing waves
Departed from a heart
My weary mind.

Like two stilled
Faces, of ours,
Licking porcelain from hands,
Where beauty leaks
In drops of rose.
I am to
Truth’s mattering,
Like craving the ice that wanders
Her heart,
Of cold pages,
From warmest words.

I am
To the face that licks away tears,
Dripping in the fields
Where flowers do not bloom.
I am the storm cast overhead,
Losing life
By no precious moments
Passed by
In her swollen decadence.
Like tears that hold a weight under
Eyes that fall down,
Pressured by the thunderstruck.

Bleeding eyes,
Worn marks
Of something that never held,
Of just few tears gathered.