Poem – “Let me” – Romance – 10/3/2020

Let me
Lift the stones
That pin your arms,
Drag your legs.
Let me
See the sea
Take your form,
Like nakedness of a broken log.

Let me
Loosen the tears
That were kept too dear,
Like a fanciful curtain
Drawn over a face too much
Drowned in weather,
Faulted in shelter
Where tears could not form puddles.

You let storms
Wash your feet,
Shower your cheeks,
Stake your hands,
Feed your heart, something so senseless
To be there for each furthered tomorrow,
Upon oceans of nautical sorrows,
As sails are frozen by the wind.

Life holds up a flowered glass,
As love buries its rose
Deep in the cylinder
Where a rope could carry a heart,
Like a bucket to a well.
Like to draw up the iron of blood
I wish to dispel,
From the taste, in your quivering mouth.

Let me
Raise the storms away
From where you shiver, beneath them,

In wilted rain.

Let me
Cripple the brook
That runs without feet,
Though miles from your eyes.

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