Bitterness swallows up
The countless sun-bathing
Of your fields burned down
In romance of colors,
Where you’ll drink dryness,
Mocked by blood,
Radiant by wine.

Wrapped in arms that tremble,
Like floating leaves caught between lips,
For my quivering mouth cannot speak
The Autumn’s rise to govern
Sickness upon each’s other twisted bones,
Failing breaths,
A watching wilderness.

A face
That grows solemn by each feathery moment,
As I attempt to die
With fear clinging to my eyes,
Born upon the stem of torment,
Caught in the sense of reprieve
From a forlorn sun.

You stay
To count scars,
While I watch
The lonesome stars
Bleeding ivory across the galaxy
As the universe is just
A small mile for a sentence to love.

Like emptiness to hearts
Can disavow graces,
Forming words from snow,
Showering shame, too low.

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