Poem – “Can you Leave a Tear?” – Romance – 10/4/2020

To the smear upon your cheek,
Have you left a tear
For me to wear as the badge
Of misplaced honor?
I can see of your scarlet,
That blood can run from your wounds,
From the abandoned love in your heart
Where an ailment can be a treatment
To a void.

I want to sweep
Tears under the rug.
Though, can you let me
Drink of its sourness,
In one heartfelt occasion?
There is life,
There is strife.
There is worriment,
There are wishes.

There is every closing chapter,
That does not end without the tear
To run ink, far from here.
Poignancy that does not melt
The candle
Atop the dining room table,
For I can count the sparks.

I can count your tears,
Leaving us
In loathsome wakefulness,
Like bliss without a kiss,
Like a face that does not trace
Itself, in the earth,
Mocking Nature,
Wilting bodies in sheer torture,
Because all I recognize is what you have left
To bathe seeds to never rise.

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