Poem – “All Love in Me” – Romance – 10/8/2020

How can I
Contemplate the roses
Without their thorns?
The garter about your thigh,
The wind released from your sigh,
The pain we bring to faint goodbyes,
The world that surrounds on high
The clouds that flood our spirits
Can hold the worth of us,
Can hold the misuse of us.

I want to share the kiss
Without your dark
Complexion, wearing down
The happiness
I wish to remain
In eyes, of highlighted radiance,
For arms, bare as snow,
For a form that can be held,
For a heart that can be melted,
For our world that cannot give into grief.

Can you bleed
The weight from your tears,
Drawing out the storm
Before it begins?

Can you sing in the dark,
Wilting the thorns,
Raising the petals,
Drawing free, your smile,
Within comfort?

All love in me
Holds gently
The hours that escape into the night,
Holy as the day.

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