Poem – “Of Beauty that Glistens” – Romance – 10/7/2020

Fill up
Grand voids
With a voice
That never sleeps
Too deep
In her dreams,
For what a flower I have discovered
Upon a mattress, discarded.

Drowned in her darkness,
Disrobed in her fever,
Bleeding without virginity.
Her eyes,
Her pallor
Cannot center itself
Upon the sun.

Her hair curls over
The dust
With images that blanket rose gardens,
In a stare that could not become aware
To just how much suffering
Appeared so beautiful,
Appeared as if the final leaf had dropped.

With a face full of mirrors.
Her reflection in the sun,
Taken aback
By those warring flames
Breathed, as the sighs of one’s mouth,
Storming the Earth, under ingratitude.