Poem – “If I could Force myself” – Romance – 10/8/2020

If only
In my blindness,
I could see
What had been leaking as stains
From your eyes.
For you were
Blind as me,
In the heat of our disbelief.

Pain drew a cloak
Around shoulders, cold as snow.
White by the bone
Where chills are set in stone.
What had we heated
While the rope was about your neck,
The one you placed?

Love remembers
Differences, to become those instances
Where eyes can seek shelter
Beneath the rain,
Where pain
Falls back into hope
That tears away the rope.

If only I had
Stuck upon the dream
That would not have faded you,
With the star so bright
In the gleaming night sky.
Though, like a breath,
I twisted, loudly.